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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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oh, my god. what is it, martin? i-it's the key to the cipher. jake: einstein believed in timelessness; he believed that all of time exists at once: past, present, future. everyone we ever knew and everything we'll ever be, is with us in this moment. (ticking quietly) (knocks) if this is true, then all moments are equally real and accessible to us. we just have to know how. trevor. what is it?
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lucy. lucy? oh, no. no... captioning sponsored by 20th century fox captioned by media access group at wgbh
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extra police on patrol at the giants-a's game tonight after a fight between fans last night led to one man being arrested. good evening i'm frank somerville. at&t park beefing up security on the second of three games with the giants and the okaynd a's. amber lee is live at the ballpark with the fight that led to tonight's extra precautions and a behind-the- scenes look there. >> reporter: the game is about to end, but as you can see, fans are pouring out of the ballpark. it was this time last night when a fight broke out and a giants' fan was arrested. >> there's a fight! >> reporter: this is youtube video of the fight that broke out as fans were leaving in what is called the arcade area. a man and a woman are beating and kicking a man wearing a's gears. >> in ballparks people get excited, and sometimes they cross the line.
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we have zero tolerance for that situation. we will not have that in our park. >> reporter: george costa says police responded quickly and arrested 19-year-old trinidad ortega verez for the attack. tonight was a soldout crowd with 42,000 baseball fans, and he says there's added security including extra police officers, and he took us behind the scenes to one of the command centers. >> reporter: san francisco police officers and ballpark security monitor the crowd with the help of cameras inside of this tower. he says the heated rivalry with the giants and certain teams, including the a's, is always a concern. fans tell us they plan a certain strategy to avoid contact with others. >> if you're getting yelled out, don't say anything. keep walking. >> reporter: this father and daughter are careful knowing
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they are a's fans in the giants easter story tonight. >> we are on guard. >> we watch the way we word things. we don't want to get into a fight. >> reporter: this is a sign reminder for fans to text security if there's a problem in their area. the man beaten last night was treated at the scene. fans say when there's a problem, security arrives quickly. at at&t park, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. buster posey's new lucrative contract and how it sets him apart from the other players in the league later in the news. a girl was grazed by flying debris in a shooting in east oakland. it was on international boulevard shortly before 5:00 this afternoon. the girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we talked to the girl's grandmother who said her granddaughter was playing outside with a friend when she was hit by the debris.
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i want to show you cell phone video of the young girl being treated by paramedics. >> just an innocent bystander, and something like this happens. you see it all the time, but when it comes to you personally, it's a great impact. >> another person was shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> in richmond, the family of another child who was shot yesterday said the 1-year-old baby is recovering well. a stray bullet hit the child inside of an apartment. ktvu spoke with the boy's mother and brand father today about the moment it happened. >> reporter: richmond pa recorded the gunfire, 19 shots in less than 6 seconds. listen to what a 2-year-old boy named elijah survived, and then listen to how his mother describes the the moment. >> all i heard was his grandpa coming and saying gun shots,
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and the first thing that came to my mind was the son. >> me and my wife were inches away. thank god that all of us are arrive. i could have had three or four funerals today. >> reporter: a man was firing on another man on a bicycle outside of this mcdonald's. >> the gun violence needs to be under control. >> reporter: elijah's mother says one of the fragments hit him as he was being fed by his grandparents. >> he's doing wonderful. he's a very, very tough guy. >> reporter: police say the gunman has not been caught. >> i forgive the guy who had done this. i hope he gets help, from anywhere. someone needs to get this guy off the streets, get him some help. >> reporter: a lieutenant says there's been two homicides so far this year. right now there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. new details tonight in
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wednesday's officer-involved shooting in san jose. police released the names and photos of the two suspects involved. they are robin philly of san jose. police say philly tried to run down a police officer. and police say both were wanted felons. they were booked on multiple charges. problematic police radios are now performing up to industry standards. there had been numerous failures including during president obama's visit to oakland last summer. the city did repair the radios and reduced interference from the cell phone towers. the police union says they are working better, but there's not lot of confidence in testimony. firefighters rescued at least ten dogs after responding to a house fire tonight. it was just after 6:30 at 3592
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hillsboro drive. when the firefighters made their way into the house, they found a number of english bulldogs in cages. they were able to get the dogs out and contain the small fire. the dogs are okay and no one was hurt. in morgan hill, police uncovered a sophisticated grow house operation in the middle of an office park. daniel segal was arrested yesterday. the 6,000 square foot business space was being used as a commercial grow operation. detectives seized 2,775 plants and 30 pounds of processed marijuana, and they also found more marijuana at segal's home. we are back on storm watch tonight, and the spring storm is moving into northern california this easter weekend.
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jana will tell us how some event organizers are planning for rain, but we will begin with chief meteorologist bill martin with the rain and the storm. >> reporter: we had a beautiful forecast today, but it's changing around. look at this system, sitting out here, slowly working its way to the coast. you can see these showers with nothing hitting the ground yet. we had upper 70s today. it looks like rain off the north bay. that's really the atmosphere. it's raining but evaporating before it hits the ground. as we get into the next 24 hours, it's going to get wet around here. when i come back, the latest computer model, and i will walk you through the forecast. >> reporter: let's go to jana with what the organizers of easter egg hunts plan to do when the storm rolls in. >> reporter: union street has a celebration every year on easter sunday. you can see they have the signs
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up. this year they are planning for the possibility that it may rain on their parade. there was an easter bunny sighting today, it was on pink and white wheels, from the floppy ears to the cotton tail. the staff at just jewels make a float every year for the annual celebration, bringing thousands of people out on easter sunday for crafts, pony rides, and an easter bunny contest. >> first thing i like is in the morning, the easter bunny comes with chocolate. >> reporter: it hardly ever rains on the parade in 22 years, i think twice that i recall, but we do it anyway. it's gone off one way or another. >> reporter: with the chance of showers and thunderstorms this weekend, people are taking precautions. is this your first easter egg
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hunt? >> in golden gate park, the organizers of the annual easter egg hunt were setting up for the easter extravaganza. >> we have tents for every activity to be covered. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest easter events, and 3,000 to 4,000 parents and children are expected. >> you can see the baskets they made, and their faces are painted, and they are just happy. >> reporter: happy and keeping a hopeful eye out for the blue skies. before you decide to hop over to your event and easter egg hunt or parade, just make sure you check the forecast. a lot of people tell me they will be keeping on with the event; even if it does rain. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. pope francis marking his first good friday as the head of the roman catholic church. he took part in the nighttime
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way of the cross prosession in rome. he recall the 14 moments in the final day of the life of jesus. he also made a special mention of the friendship of muslim brothers and sisters. christians followed the path that the bible said he took on his last day. it means the way of suffering in latin. at each of the 14 stations, they stopped and prayed. the procession ended at the church where tradition says he was crucified, buried, and then resurrected. a 6-year-old boy battling cancer. what he hopes you or someone in the crowd has that could save his life. an amusement park and a san francisco 49er are helping a new new hiring trend. we are working to find out
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what sparked this police pursuit. $4 doesn't really buy you much these days, huh?
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unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. we are following developing news from oakland where a high speed chase ended in a crash in east oakland. the california highway patrol was chasing a stolen car, and that driver then slammed into another car. the driver of the stolen car was injured, and the woman in the other car was also hurt. the chase lasted 7 minutes and reached speeds of 75 miles an hour. it took place on city streets
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and even went around the loop at the oakland airport. new at 10, a south bay show of support for a little boy with a big health challenge. we are live tonight after speaking to the 1st grader who is in the hospital right now, about the one thing that he is hopeful people will do. moraine? >> reporter: he has one wish, and 500 people turned now the the hopes of making it come true. tonight in this hospital room in santa clara. >> i want to pop the balloon! >> reporter: we met this 1st grader busy playing video games. eduardo is busy batting lew key -- battling cancer, he went into remission for a month, but then the word it was back. >> i just want for my son to be
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a child. he wants to swing, and he wants to go to school. he doesn't ask anything more than just life. >> reporter: tonight over a game of wii he said what he wants everyone to do. >> you just swab it. >> reporter: swab what? >> the cheek. >> reporter: and this evening at his school, riverglen elementary. >> thinking of my little girl, it means a lot. >> it could be my son or someone else. >> reporter: the problem is only 10% of bone marrow donors are latino. if he gets the transplant, there's an 80% chance he will survive. at this picture at the event, there was no smile to be seen,
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but tonight, that was not the case. tell people how you are feeling. >> good. >> reporter: eduardo needs to go into remission before any surgery, and it will be up to 2 months before it's known if anyone here is a match. latino donors have the best match. closing arguments were made today in the wrongful death trial involving oakland police. two officers shot and killed 37- year-old derek jones in front of his barbershop in 2010. officers said they were confronting jones about a domestic disturbance call when they thought he was reaching for a gun that turned out to be a small scale. his widow says they had no reason to shoot jones because he didn't have a weapon. police today releasing these surveillance photos of a bank robber taking on tuesday morning. they said the man walks into the mechanics bank on harrison street and demanded money from
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a teller. the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> the founders of at south bay research company are facing fraud and money laundering charges. the two suspects are both accused of submitting overlapping grand applications and receiving $1.2 million from nassau and the national science foundation for the same research project. the two ran atlas scientific. one will be in court next tuesday, and the other man is believed to be living in china. ups will pay $40 million for delivering drugs that were illegally purchased online. it was from 2003 to 2010. ups acknowledged it was notified during that time that some pharmacies were violating the law, but they did not close
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their accounts. as part of the settlement, ups also agreed to establish a program to prevent illegal online pharmacies from using their shipping services. toys r us said they are dropping their plans to go public. they reported sales and profits were down last year and the all- important holiday shopping season fell short. they are facing competition from online retailers and discount chains. toys r us first announced the initial public offering plan 3 years ago. president obama traveled to miami today to promote job creation, surging congress to take up his plan for infrastructure. he wants to put construction workers back to work. the president spoke against the backdrop of the miami port that undergoing upgrades with private and government money. new numbers out today show california's unemployment rates fell last month. matt keller shows us how a favorite south bay attraction
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is helping to put a lot of people back to work. >> reporter: the economy has been described as a roller coaster over the last few years with ups and downs. >> definitely seeing things going in the upward way, but for the less fortunate, i see things worse out here because of the economy. >> reporter: great america in santa clara turned the roller coaster analogy on its head. it's opening the gold striker in may because of the improving economy. >> this is a sign of things to come. we want to invest in the park and make it better. >> reporter: great america employs 2500 people in the run from march to october. a new report shows california added 41,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 9.6%. this is jared forest's first day on a job ever. landing one was tough. >> you have to apply for a lot of jobs, and a lot of people won't give you a chance. they require a lot of
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requirements these days. >> reporter: americans saw their incomes rise by 1% in february, triggering the biggest gain in 5 months. families are not forgetting the tough times and looking for the best deal for their dollars. >> you take into consideration that, you know, you have to spend more wisely. you know what i mean? >> reporter: in spite of the february job gains, the state has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, tied with nevada and mississippi. matt keller, ktvu news. >> more details a snapshot of the bay area's unemployment rate for february. once again, moraine county with the lowest unemployment rate. salano county with the highest at 9.5%, but that's lower than the state's job less rate of 9.6% last month. this low has been off the shore, and we have been talking
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about it all week. we have had light sprinkles as a result. now the low center with its energy will migrate to the coast, and as it does, rain and showers over the bay area. there will be moments of sunshine, and there will be some showers and clouds, and it won't be that cool. tomorrow morning, cloud cover and drizzle in the area. tomorrow lunchtime. breaks, right? tomorrow you can get inside and do some stuff. the showers are moving in. going into saturday, and moving over. this is following it through easter sunday. just note that tomorrow is the best day to go out and do stuff. i think sunday will be a lot more showers and cooler. we will see you bang -- back here at 10:45 for the full forecast. according to the wildlife sent center, a gulfs found yesterday in the camden area of
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san jose with its legs pound by foam packing and packing tape. the gull will make a full recovery and should be released soon. if found, the personal responsible could be fined. a congressman's apology for using a racial slur. also, in 7 minutes, our first look at one of the broken bolts from the eastern span of the bay bridge. what one engineer is telling us about how crucial they are. >> and in the technology room, these computers were left alone, but what was taken from this cart and the evidence left behind by the criminals? [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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thieves targeted a school in the peninsula getting away with thousands of dollars in equipment. the burglars left clues showing they knew the lay out of the school. >> reporter: a small window and door had to be replaced today at el cristo elementary school after someone broke through it
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and made off with a collection of mac computers last night. >> that's sad that you think it's okay so steal from kids. >> reporter: the thieves got in and took cart fulls of ipods, i pads and computers. but they went to the cart with the newest most expensive mac books. >> it's not just about taking the tools from the students but when this happens to kids this age, it also scares them. raising the possibility that the criminals knew the lay out everyone knew each way each computer was stored. >> reporter: they took 22 computers but dropped four of them outside while getting away. >> why, why would somebody do that. that's what i was asked, why would somebody do that. why. >> reporter: she was happy the criminals left behind some important evidence. >> clearly they cut themselves pretty deeply because the blood was not only here but on the floor up through the door.
10:28 pm
>> reporter: the school is now on spring break and the staff and police are hoping to find the computers before the students return a week from monday. in san bruno, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the santa clara valley transportation authority reports that a maintenance worker who is hit by a bus has now died. raul apostol was hit and injured. the worker who was driving the bus has now been placed on leave. the, vta says several investigations are ongoing and any other details are being withheld out of respect for the victim's family. a man is under arrest under suspicion that he ran down a man and took off. he was accused of hitting the bicycle rider in august at oakmont village which is a retirement community where
10:29 pm
smith lives. police say smith was angry that the cyclists was riding through the area. a petition is to support the lgbt community is gaining a follow. he asked the mayor to fly the rainbow flag over the napa city hall. stanley said lgbt residents should be recognized for their contributions. a republican congressman from alaska is apologizing for using a racial slur. today representative don young issued a statement where he apologized for using the slur to describe migrant farm workers during an interview earlier this week. top republican leaders have denounced the offensive language which comes as the party is trying to improve its standings with latinos. the threat published
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tonight. hello?
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we got a close up look at one of the broken bolts. this is one of the failed anchor rod bolts. a berkeley bridge engineering professor says the bolt is a critical part of the bridge. >> they move together, when earthquake happens this is what happens. when earthquake comes this is what happens. there's no sheet to keep them together. >> reporter: the professor is confident that caltrans will find a solution. he says in engineering there is always a solution. and caltrans says that solution
10:33 pm
will undergo review before any changes happen. if you see lights in your town in april don't be surprised it's part of autism awareness month. deborah villalon has how one mom has lit the cause. >> reporter: it's still catching on and the idea is to shine a light on autism. >> when my son was diagnosed i didn't know anybody who had autism. >> reporter: co-owner of a hair salon, she speaks to a will the of people and next month she will let these blue lights speak for her. framing the windows of her business and others at this nevato shopping center. >> we can put it around there. i think will go all the way around. >> reporter: to mark the united nation world autism day, landmarks around the world glowed blue including the
10:34 pm
identical tower, the empire state building -- the ifell tower, the empire state building. this park not as iconic but still a sill bomb when a blazing blue light goes up and autism posters around the mall. >> everybody knows someone in the spectrum. it is prevalent. it is something to learn about. learn how to behave appropriately. learn the right kind of questions, i think it's time. >> reporter: son rampley has been nicole's teacher. he loves harry potter and riding his scooter and he chats easily visiting his mother at work. >> these children they learn differently and commune differently but they're still children. they're good people. >> reporter: if shoppers next month don't know what the blue lights mean. neither did the merchants when she started. from this point, the blues can only get bolder.
10:35 pm
>> the bay bridge that was my ultimate dream. >> reporter: the global sponsor autism speaks is providing lights and home depot has them too. this center vintage oaks lights it up blue next tuesday at dusk. reporting live in novato, deborah villalon. concern is growing tonight over an increase in cases of valley fever. the centers for disease control says cases of the airborne disease have more than doubled in the past decade. valley fever is caused by airborne spores and can be life threatening. doctors say the increase could be due to climate change causing dust storms that stir up the spores. doctors also warn that the disease is often misdiagnosed. the obama administration wants the rest of the country to use the same gasoline that we buy here in california. the environmental protection agency announced preliminary rules today to reduce sulfur in gas. the rules would take effect in
10:36 pm
2017. experts say the cleaner gas will reduce smog by 20%. the new rules will raise the price of a gallon of gas by up to 10-cents. in news of the world, in north korea the government staged a massive really. the north said it was in a state of war with south korea. leader kim jung un ordered missell units to be ready to launch strikes on the mainland and south korea. the u.s. says a full scale war is extremely unlikely. 220 people were rescued from large ice floats that broke off from the coast into the ice of riga. some people were family members that take strolls on a nice sunny day. this could happen again as temperatures rise. in chile, riot police battle with protesters on what they call the day of the young
10:37 pm
combatant. protesters threw rocks, at least 26 people were detained one officer was injured. the day of the young combatant commemorates the deaths of two brothers. there's a new twist in the case of a 20-year-old woman who died about being raped at uc santa cruz. prosecutors say she put two ads on craigslist asking fun someone to shoot her in the arm or beat her up in exchange for rape. prosecutors say they are not sure of her motive but she had just broken up with her boyfriend and they said she was depressed and may also have been suicidal. singer michelle shocked is living up to her name once again. the folk singer actually sat outside mow's alley in santa cruz to protest the fact that
10:38 pm
her show had been cancelled after she made an anti gay comment. an employee tells us there's been no sign of shock at the venue. america's most wanted has been cancelled. entertainment weekly is reporting the cancellation. john whal hosted the show which first aired on fox in 1998. fox cancelled the series in 2011 and lifetime picked it up. negotiations resume today in the strike by san francisco's symphony musicians and talks are scheduled all weekend. some of the musicians were rehearsing today for a free community concert tomorrow. when we checked in they were
10:39 pm
playing schokovski. >> in this piece it's sort of a story of the different movement, it's really a journey and it becomes an emotional journey as you play it. >> reporter: the musicians went out on strike on march 15 on a dispute over pay. an emotional revelation for a former football player. quami harris talks about being gay in the nfl. the incident that prompted his coming out and reaction from a former teammate. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is predicting rain. how it's going to affect your easter sunday. >> and a reptile found in the midst of darkness. i really like your new jetta! and you want to buy one like mine because it's so safe, right? yeah... yeah... i know what you've heard -- iihs top safety pick for $159 a month -- but, i wish it was more dangerous, like a monster truck or dune buggy!
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contra costa county sheriff officials this week arrested a sex offender who was working at the martinez carnival. sheriff detectives were checking names of carnival employees and noticed a man was a registered sex offender. the man has not been identified but is reportedly from alameda county. tonight one man is in custody and three stolen reptiles have been recovered but police are still looking for a three foot long python. the animals were also all
10:43 pm
stolen sometime early wednesday or thursday. the director of the center cringed as she watched this surveillance video of the suspects ripping the reptiling out of their cages. >> it was very painful to watch the way they pull the animals out. we were looking for blood. >> reporter: the 3-1/2 foot lizard and boa constrictor were all okay. a new effort to identify remains of the world trade center attack are set to begin on friday. new york city officials said workers will be sifting through nearly 600 feet of cube cubic materials from the site. of the 2,700 people killed there only about 1,600 have been officially identified. 40 years ago today, a painful chapter in u.s. history came to an end as the last
10:44 pm
combat troops left vietnam. ktvu's allie ration -- rasmusen tells us why some veterans have waited decades to get help from their painful memories of vietnam. >> reporter: the last troops left 40 years ago. >> it's like when the war was over that was it. nobody talked about it again for years. here's me at basic training. >> reporter: at 19 years old, larry higgins was drafted to fight. he came back with a purple heart and shrapnel in his face. >> it's like being in a plane crash or something. you never forget it. people killed. i put dead people on helicopters. and guys i knew. >> reporter: but it wasn't until just three months ago that his va counselor
10:45 pm
recommended he get treatment. higgins wasn't sure what the condition was or why he needed help. >> they never told me it would be a good idea to do or i should do it >> one of the symptoms of ptsd is avoidance. >> reporter: recognition within veterans has increased. >> we know a lot more about medication. so help is out there. >> reporter: dr. linley says a lot of reason why many vietnam vets is getting treatment for ptsd is because many of retiring and they now have more time to reflect on traumatic experiences than before. in three minutes a former 49er comes out of the closet raising the question can a player be openly gay and be on the gridiron. >> caught on camera, a man falls off the train platform
10:46 pm
right on to the tracks. what a good samaritan did next to try to save him. >> i'll show you how much rain we can get this holiday weekend in your complete forecast.
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
for the first time today a former player for the 49ers and the raiders spoke openly about his years as a gay man playing in the nfl. ktvu's noelle walker explains it took several months before quaim harris spoke openly after the news came out. >> i'm gay and i'm a former athlete and i think i'm a pretty normal guy. >> reporter: former san francisco 49ers quaim harris spoke out. the 6'7" linebacker played five seasons for the 49ers. one with the raiders knowing he was gay and keeping it secret. yacker is with the last
10:49 pm a campaign looking to end homo phobia. >> they've been playing with these gay players and nothing has happened in the locker room at all. >> reporter: they just don't know they've been playing with them. >> they just didn't know that they were playing with them. that's all. >> reporter: change is slow to come in men's professional sports. >> they don't have any gay people on the team. they have to get up out of here. >> reporter: chris culiver made those comments during media day before the super bowl. he later apologized. at the opening of his new business venture in santa clara we asked 49ers tight end vernon davis a former teammate of harris if it would be possible for a former player to be gay. >> i don't discriminate. i'm happy that he's a teammate of mine if he came. >> reporter: being a tough linebacker and being gay are not mutually exclusive but it's yet to be tested whether they can both be on the field at the
10:50 pm
same time. noelle walker. an amazing act of heroism on the railroad tracks in philadelphia. a man falls off the platform and ton the tracks. a good samaritan jumps down to help him. that good samaritan held the man's head and neck in stable condition until they arrived. at this point investigators are trying to figure out what caused the man to fall. he's now in the hospital in stable condition. united airlines denies another delay of its 878 dream liner service. united had hoped to get the 787 on its new denver tokyo service. united was going to start service to japan this coming sunday but that was pushed back to may and now june 10. if the 787s are flying them. the invitations are out to a select few on what is going
10:51 pm
to be a mayor announcement for facebook. some tech analysts are predicting the company plans to announce a new facebook phone using android software. the thorough communications commission is looking into the 15-year-old guidelines to determine if standards aimed at protecting people from cell phone radiation need to be updated. some scientists and consumer activists claim radiation from cell phones can lead to cancer. high temperatures today pretty impressive considering the last couple of days we had a lot of cloud cover. even today we had cloud cover in the afternoon. we had 78 degrees in santa rosa with 76 in san mateo. highs tomorrow not quite this warm. we're going to be looking at a few more clouds and a chance of sprinkles as we go into tonight. there's the system spinning offshore. that system is going to linger
10:52 pm
off there and start to make its movement in our direction. we have green on the radar. but none of it is hitting the ground. i'm asking around and asking people in these areas are you getting rainfall and they're saying no. so i'm guessing assuming this is raining a bit but as it gets into the dry layer near the surface because it's so warm it's evaporating before it hits the ground. we could see a few sprinkles late tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow it's about increasing clouds then by tomorrow, showers then by sunday, more rain showers. your daytime highs tomorrow we're looking for lots of 60s and then some 70s too in the far east bay. and far south bay we could see numbers in the upper 60s. so it's going to be be a warm day despite the cloud covers. here we are tomorrow afternoon, some clearing. so saturday is your best day. if you have relatives in town that's your best outdoor day. sunday is going to look more like this. early sunday morning, easter morning we have scattered showers. and then we get into the 8:00, 9:00 hour more scattered
10:53 pm
showers. a little bit of breaks. we'll still see sun as well but just weather on sunday. by lunchtime more showers, more widely spread sunday. then sunday afternoon. so saturday is your best bet for outdoor plans if you're taking people to the city or the south bay. sunday looks a little bit more wet, widely scattered showers. forecast highs tomorrow 69 in brentwood, 69 in antioch. 69 in fairfield and then the forecast in los gatos is 68, 69 in gilroy. the five day forecast with the five day weekend -- five day in view. we have showers. it's a first for the san francisco giants. catcher buster posey signs a record breaking contract. the deal plus we'll hear from the catcher himself. sports is next. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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fred inglis in for mark ibanez tonight. earlier we caught up with jana katsuyama outside the ballpark. and it's all even in the series. >> today's exhibition featured good pitches by both teams. what does it mean? not much unless your name is nick nunez. a.j. griffith serves a big pitch to
10:57 pm
griego b lanco. and blanco legs out to triple. next batter is nick nunen. yes nick nunen is trying to win the final utility player guy. nunen gets two of the giant hits and they very well blocked up the roster spot. the news of the day was catcher buster posey new nine year $127 million contract. buster's new deal leads all those in major league in just three years. >> i'm excited to put on this uniform and go to work with all these guys and all my teammates
10:58 pm
for the next nine years. we have an easter sunday treat for you. destiny to dynasty. the a's built for success special is on ktvu sunday and 8:30 on kicu. each show is shown back to back on each station. no conference team got past the sweet 16 after a midwest region stop seed louisville lead from wire to wire and beat the ducks tonight 77-69. steve mariuci was there to watch his friend. duke and spartans kept it close. give it to payne. the warriors steph curry has a brother and his name is seth curry. seth curry scores 29.
10:59 pm
yes seth mother is happy. >> south region action now in arlington texas, fourth seeded washington, there's trey burke with the sight of his life. they force the fourth overtime of this ncaa tournament. wolverines led. one last chance to win it or tie it or take a bad shot and lose it. kansas is the third top seed to lose now joining indiana and gonzaga. for the first time ever the first 15th seed ever to reach the sweet 15. over the gators in arlington but a 15-0 run to stop the eagles fairy tale. and watch florida's number three rosario bounce the ball off the back. gators win 62-60. florida meets michigan for the south region title. by the way i


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